YumJS Utilities Documentation

Documention for YumJS's utility Methods

This is a work in progress. The methods below will soon link to the appropriate page.

Utility methods break the chain. Any function called after a function beginning with an underscore will not run. They are used to perform an action and sometimes to return a result that can be assigned to a varaible for further use.

  • _ - The underscore function used as: yum(collection)._; returns the entire collection.
  • _getstack
  • _rect
  • _Route - A simple route controller. Navigate to URI built from comma separated list, Example: yum()._Route('blog', 'utilities/#foo', ) ); Your server must be configured to serve pages from first parameter value for this to work!
  • _cs
  • _uuidv4
  • _sFilter
  • _qs
  • __createEvent
  • __createNode
  • _isTouch() - returns true if device has touch screen.
  • _singleDash(string) - return string with multiple hyphens replaced with single hyphens
  • _camelDash(string) - return hyphenated string camelCase. Ex. foo-foo becomes fooFoo.
  • _rpx(string) - return string with px removed.
  • _getAtPt

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